Manage users’ passwords. At the moment only passwordstore Unix password manager is implemented.


Create passwords in passwordstore and enable access for the user who is running the playbook. For example,

shell> pass
├── admin
└── root

Configure the variables:

  • Enable the management of the users’ passwords (3)

  • Select passwordstore (4)

  • Configure the variable that keeps the name of the host used in passwordstore (5). In this case ansible_nodename. Next options might be inventory_hostname (default), ansible_hostname, or any other custom variable.

1shell> cat host_vars/
3fp_passwords: true
4fp_passwordstore: true
5fp_passwordstore_hostname_var: ansible_nodename

Dry-run the tasks, display the variables, and display the changes

shell> ansible-playbook playbook.yml -t fp_passwords -e fp_passwords_debug=true -CD

If all seems to be right manage the users’ passwords

shell> ansible-playbook playbook.yml -t fp_passwords

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