The role is a set of independent sets of tasks, grouped in separate files, that configure a particular functionality of the system (cron, hostname, sshd, …). By default, all tasks are disabled. See the control variables of the form fp_<tasks_group> in tasks/main.yml. There are two more categories of control variables used by some of the tasks. fp_<tasks_group>_install and fp_<task_group>_enable. The first one can be used to selectively install predefined groups of packages needed by the tasks. See tasks/packages.yml and defaults/main/pkgdict_*.yml. The control variables fp_<tasks_group>_enable can be used to enable or disable the particular services. Configure and enable the tasks and services that you need. In addition to this, some groups of tasks start with the debug output which can be turned on by enabling fp_<tasks_group>_debug. See the Debug section below. To speedup the execution of a playbook it’s possible to select particular groups of tasks only. See the Tags section on how to use them. Some tasks are described in detail in the section Tasks. If the description of a task is missing it’s necessary to review the source code on how to use it. To learn details, it’s always recommended to review the code and notes in the section Annotated source code. See the section Best practice on how to check syntax, preview potential changes, and debug tasks.