The most convenient way how to install an Ansible role is to use Ansible Galaxy CLI ansible-galaxy. The utility comes with the standard Ansible package and provides the user with a simple interface to the Ansible Galaxy’s services. For example, take a look at the current status of the role

shell> ansible-galaxy role info vbotka.freebsd_postinstall

and install it

shell> ansible-galaxy role install vbotka.freebsd_postinstall

Install the requirements

shell> ansible-galaxy role install vbotka.ansible_lib

Install the collections community.general and ansible.posix if necessary

shell> ansible-galaxy collection install ansible.posix
shell> ansible-galaxy collection install community.general

See also

  • To install specific versions from various sources see Installing content

  • Take a look at other roles shell> ansible-galaxy search --author=vbotka


This role configures FreeBSD on the remote host. To install and configure Ansible on the controller running FreeBSD see: